Things You Do that Damage Your Carpet

A lot of us think that investing on a good quality floor carpet is an investment. It is very advantageous – from giving us warmth during cold weather, noise insulation, and a comfortable, smooth surface that is very friendly to our feet compared to the cold, hard surface materials.  

Hiring a carpet cleaner Scranton has become the best option specially for busy individuals and memories who do not have time for cleaning and maintaining the carpet on a regular basis. However, we make it last longer by avoiding some things that we don’t know we do that damage our carpet. And those are the things that we will be sharing with you here.  


1. Walking on it barefoot 

Walking barefoot on your carpet might sound like a good idea. However, while you are feeling comfortable of the warming feeling that its fabric provides, they are also suffering from the natural oils and sweat you have on your skin. The natural oils and sweat are enough to create damage on your carpet when a carpet is exposed too long. 

2. Not having enough vacuum 

There are two ways you are doing the vacuum process wrong: first, you vacuum infrequently and second, you vacuum inadequately. A frequent vacuum is essential to ascertain that the weekly accumulation of dirt and pollutants on your carpet is prevented, while a thorough vacuum is important to make sure that everything is removed inducing the difficult stains.  

3.Constant Steam Cleaning 

Different services offer different cleaning methods, and one of which is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning involves pouring hot water on your carpet to dissolve difficult stains and dirt accumulated on the deepest layers of the carpet’s fabric. While infrequent steam cleaning is deemed okay and effective, too much of it might cause damage to your carpet and deteriorate it fast.  

4.Spills from paint and chemicals 

Doing house projects is sometimes necessary to do, and sometimes we need to use some materials that include chemicals and paint. When this happens, make sure that your carpet is well protected as paint and other chemicals and their spills are very detrimental to your carpet as they are capable of eating away your carpet’s fiber, resulting to replacement probably soon. Make sure that your carpet is protected by a drop cloth before you do some house projects. 

5.Being passive of rodents and insects 

When you notice some loose fibers, it might be an indication of some insect or rodents bites. These pests are not just very dangerous to your carpet but also impose potential danger to your family as they carry diseases and bacteria. When you notice some signs of infestation, call in an exterminator immediately.  

6.Forgetting to remove stains as soon as possible 

Whenever you spill something on your caret such as coffee, cigarette ash, syrup, etc., it is important to remove them as soon as possible before they get to cause your carpet permanent stains. While it may be very tempting to wait for a day or for the cleaning schedule to remove them, waiting for some days and hours will just make the cleaning more difficult.